How do you get real web hosting reviews?

One of the biggest problems plaguing the web hosting industry is finding legitimate reviews. One writer goes to far as to call the entire industry a cesspool.

It's not difficult to create a simple comparison table across basic features and there is certainly some value to it. But web hosting has quickly become commoditized and every company offers near identical products. There is some differentiation on price but what about the intangibles? There are some companies people are really unhappy with and some that have a passionate user base. But they might both be offering near identical products. How can we accurately compare the two and make a recommendation?

I've created a new startup, Review Signal, which tries to address the more important aspect of web hosting reviews (and hopefully reviews in general): are the customers happy and would they recommend the service?

Check out the video that explains how it works:

Or check it out directly at:

Creating a Web Presence for Your New Company

Coming up with a business idea, writing a business plan and finding capital to fund your new business is the process taught by teachers. There is one important step that is almost never mentioned, how to actually go about creating a website. It isn't a very hard step for the most basic functions (simply creating a website that your customers can visit, contact you, get information about your product and perhaps even order it) but it is often crucial to any business' success. So I will break down the process into two steps: the door and the store. The door is your domain name, this is what every potential customer will go to before ever stepping into the store. A domain name name is alphanumeric code with a suffix like .com/.net/.org attached to it to help people locate your store. The store is your server, which responds to potential clients' requests for information. It sends the web page to them and interacts with the client as they access your website.

Domain Names

The first step to creating your website is having a domain name. There are a couple ways to go about getting a domain name. You can check to see if your name is available here and buy domain names at Moniker, one of the world's most secure domain registrars.

It is strongly recommended you own the .com version and/or the local version for instance .se for Sweden, for the UK, .de for Germany, etc. If you plan only to have a presence in a single country where the country extension is popular and .com is taken but country version is available, this might be a good option.

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is simply a place where files and programs are stored on a computer and made available on a network, most commonly the Internet. It allows people to share websites, pictures, music and more by responding to requests from computers looking for that information. Most commonly through use of domain names (Eg. is the domain name associated with this web hosting account). Web Hosting over the last decade has gone from a costly affair to something everyone can afford these days with web hosting plans charging less than $5 per month.

However, just because there are cheap options out there doesn't mean you should always focus on the price of web hosting. While much of the physical hardware and software may be the same at many web hosting companies, that often is the least important factor depending on your needs.

Personal Web Hosting
If you are looking to just host your own website with pictures, a blog, files and other non-business important information then considering the cheaper plans may be a smart choice. Most of these plans are relatively reliable and personal usage rarely reaches levels which might put you in trouble with your web host for resource usage (if your site gets really popular, a more expensive plan will often be required). For most people looking for personal web hosting price is the key factor.

Small Business Hosting

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