What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is simply a place where files and programs are stored on a computer and made available on a network, most commonly the Internet. It allows people to share websites, pictures, music and more by responding to requests from computers looking for that information. Most commonly through use of domain names (Eg. HostCharts.com is the domain name associated with this web hosting account). Web Hosting over the last decade has gone from a costly affair to something everyone can afford these days with web hosting plans charging less than $5 per month.

However, just because there are cheap options out there doesn't mean you should always focus on the price of web hosting. While much of the physical hardware and software may be the same at many web hosting companies, that often is the least important factor depending on your needs.

Personal Web Hosting
If you are looking to just host your own website with pictures, a blog, files and other non-business important information then considering the cheaper plans may be a smart choice. Most of these plans are relatively reliable and personal usage rarely reaches levels which might put you in trouble with your web host for resource usage (if your site gets really popular, a more expensive plan will often be required). For most people looking for personal web hosting price is the key factor.

Small Business Hosting
Most small businesses know about tight budgets and web hosting may seem like a minor line item with all these cheap plans floating about, but don't be fooled. If your web presence is crucial to your business does paying $5 per month really make you feel secure or would that leave enough incentives for a web hosting company to help you if something crucial goes wrong? These budget web hosting companies aren't going to bend over backwards to help you for the $5/month plan and you can't expect them to. As a small business you need to consider far more reliable, responsive and supportive web hosting companies which may cost up to 10 times as much or more but in the long run, this is a very reasonable and smart decision. Just think, what is the value of one customer? Now, your website goes offline for some reason for a day, how many customers did you just lose? Is it worth the extra $20, $50, or even $100 per month to have the company monitoring your server and offering 24/7 live help? For many companies it certainly is, for some, maybe not. It's really down to how important your web presence is to the success of your business.

Enterprise Web Hosting
You're a big company or run very large or intensive websites, you clearly know the basics about web hosting. What matters most to you is the cost effective performance and redundancy of your web hosting to ensure high availability of your websites at all times and quick response times. There are a few routes to consider when you've reached this level of success from creating your own VPS (Virtual Private Server) cluster to a bunch of dedicated servers loading balancing to a complete cloud solution. What is right for you will often come down to what sort of levels of performance, cost, speed, availability and support you will need. Since these setups are often very unique and highly customized towards each customer's needs a custom web hosting recommendation would be the best way to find out more and learn about the different options available based on your requirements.